MCV series

\ Description

Our rotators are built to be installed in a swinging configuration at the tip of the boom. The rotator must solely be used to lift material in order to prevent damages (no dragging, pushing, etc) Using a link will allow the free swinging of the rotator in four directions, protecting it from strains it was not designed to withstand. MCV is the ideal solution for those who want to manufacture their own double swinging link. Make it easier by getting the pre-made rotator connection, the MCV half link.

\ Price range

from € 30,00 to € 200,00

\ Technical data

MCV 3R3C / R3CFS€ 36,00
MCV 5R5C / R5CFS€ 48,00
MCV 6R6C€ 60,00
MCV 7/11R7CFS / R11CFS / R11CFS2€ 145,00
MCV 16R16CFS€ 250,00

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