CR series

\ Description

ICM makes a broad range of man baskets in steel or aluminium.
CR rotating baskets are designed to easily rotate thanks to a steering wheel on the main arm of the basket. This feature will make your life easier when the job requires the basket to move around obstacles.
All baskets are certified according to Norm EN280:2015. They can be equipped with an automatic level control system upon request, so the operator won’t have to use a manual handle to block the basket’s cylinder once the desired working position has been reached.
According to regulations, all baskets with more than 1sqm floor should be equipped with load sensors to ensure that the basket is not overloaded. Such a kit can be ordered separately.

\ Technical data

Portata massima
Portata persone
Dimensioni interne
CR BT2RFerro13120021215x750x1150
CR BA2RAlluminio6520021215x750x1150
CR BT3RFerro13720021500x850x1150
CR BA3RAlluminio7420021500x850x1150
CR BT4RFerro15236042150x950x1150

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