History of the company
I.C.M. was established in Ravenna in 1984 to produce backhoes and earth moving machines. From the beginning the aim of the company was to build innovative products of good quality at competitive prices and this company “philosophy” has remained unaltered also with the arrival of the new generation who has taking over the management of the company.

The company with the strengths of the developing capacibility of the products of the young Managing Director and the experience of the Founder has dedicated all the energies to build a range of crane accessories among the widest of the market and the most attractive for price and quality.

In-house production
The in-house production of all the parts that make the complete products allow the company an accurate quality control and flexibility of the deliveries, both this aspect are of high importance to become market leader in the world economy, whose recession started in 2009 and still hard to recover owing to the credit crunch and low demand.

Point of strength
Quality, price, flexibility and availability of the products have allowed the company a consistant growth which is the compensation for the effects done so far and we intended to continue to do.

Company movie

Machining photos